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And, yes, there should be one more zero. Because that is what we have built up the company from. It stands on purely Slovak capital and years-proven know-how. The numbers speak clearly, however, we prefer to talk to you personally. Come over for a coffee. We would be glad to recommend you suitable type of service or compile a tailor-made menu. Have a look at the most interesting references.

Our references

How to check up a caterer? You could verify their reference, get a tasting done, to bid, but the service is always live. So what you need it to confide in the caterer after all.

We are reliable. Based on stabile team, own premises, technology, inventory and highest quality ingredients. Our market position obliges us to maintain strict standards. We are certified with ISO 22 000 since 2013.

Sharkam news
30. Dec 2016
Christmas Parties 2016


Corporate parties are now a normal part of internal communication. The tradition of Christmas parties was here before November '89. People at the end of the year have a pleasant human need to meet. The point is that the company is thankful to his employees in order to give some clear respect for their work in other ways than just money.

We would like to also say "Thank you" to out clients for any Christmas party that we could prepare !

We look forward to the next year full of unforgetable events!

26. Dec 2016
Sportsman of 2016

Academy of Sport announce the best sportmans of the year. There was a award handover also in 2016 and Sharkam was caterer for this beautiful night! We are very thankful that we might be a part of such a special event ...

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